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Executive search
and board of directors

We help you complete your executive team or board of directors by analyzing your needs, proposing a recruiting strategy, identifying and approaching potential candidates. Our behavioural and psychometric evaluations and thorough pre-employment screening process provide all the insight you need to take an informed decision.


As you know, a leader’s first 100 days in their role is essentially make-or-break. With that in mind, we help executives ease into their new position, providing guidance at each step of their integration. Our goal: help candidates establish their credibility, understand the essential nature of their role and assimilate your company’s organizational culture.


Our certified coaches offer personalized support to help executives unlock their full potential. Whether they need to improve their leadership skills, learn to navigate complex situations or gain the necessary perspective to achieve breakthrough performance, our program is built to ensure their success.

Talent mapping
and sourcing

Our consultants carefully map the market for specific roles. Thanks to our strong research, identification and outreach skills, we locate candidates that fit your criteria quickly and efficiently, providing you with a complete talent pipeline and saving you valuable time in the future.